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Vee Wanderful

Sometimes a journey to another place is all that you need. It is enough to get you through the next week or the next month or even the next year. No matter where I travel, whether I am with my grown’ish Afrikans, a group or I am by myself, I am at peace. It is exciting to me to explore cities, beaches, villages and countrysides. I invite you to journey with me as I explore the world.


The Grown Ass

Mama Tour™

The Grown Ass Mama Tour™ is an all-inclusive retreat for mothers and caretakers held Mother's Day weekend in various locations throughout the world. 


This retreat holds space for women of all ages to rejuvenate themselves using the healing power of crystals, gentle movement and the peace found in nature.

This event will be held September 9  - 11, 2022 in the north Georgia mountains.