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The Sunrise Version:

I love dawn...the stillness of the day before the sun wakes the world up with its bright light is the most peaceful time to me. There is a sense of calm in the early morning...a place where I do my best thinking and praying and creating. As far back as I can remember, I have loved the sunrise; maybe it is because I entered the world shortly after dawn.

Sunrise represents the dawn of a new day...another opportunity to do something differently...the blessing of simply being upright. Dawn is a reason to celebrate life as I am reminded that not all are afforded this...a privilege which is often taken for granted. But, as I mature, each day, each year, is more meaningful than the one before.

The peace I feel watching the sun peek above the horizon is indescribable. When I find myself on a beach, it is part of my morning practice to walk along the shore at sunrise, in gratitude and marveling at God’s perfect artistry. The soft purples that transform into oranges that give way to yellows always and in all ways captivate me.

Today, I am celebrating the dawn of a new year...the completion of another rotation around the sun. I have never been clearer, felt better nor more at peace than I do this year. I am grateful for today’s sunrise and pray I see tomorrow’s.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my sunrises on the beach.


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