Vena Crichlow...


Greetings! Thank you for stopping by! I am Vena, also known as Vee...a bead artist, who designs and makes Ifetayo Artwear, a unique line of beaded jewelry using healing crystals. Ifetayo is a word from the Yoruba culture of Nigeria that means “love is a gift” or “love brings happiness.” The jewelry I create offers subtle healing energy while complimenting the beauty of the wearer through bold color combinations that are reflective of the flair and style of African people globally. Each piece is created to make the wearer feel good.


As a child growing up in New York City, I was encouraged by my parents to explore my creativity in many ways. Although I began making jewelry in high school, I did not discover it as my creative niche until I relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Atlanta, Georgia.


I have traveled many places in the US and throughout the world. I am always seeking out beads when I travel abroad. I have also studied beading techniques and patterns of many cultures and have learned from master beaders. Ifetayo Artwear incorporates traditional beads and patterns from African and Native American cultures.

In 2019, I launched Waistbeads n Wine™ to offer women a space to engage in the soul-stirring work of manifesting. In this workshop, women are guided through the power of setting intentions, receive information on the use and selection of healing crystals that align with their intentions and guided to create a custom designed waistbead that is fortified with their energy. This experience helps women to manifest their dreams and desires. This workshop is now being offered virtually and you can learn more about it here.


I am also the curator of The Grown Ass Mama Tour™, an annual retreat for mothers and caretakers which is held Mother's Day weekend in various locations throughout the world. This retreat creates safe spaces for women to unpack, heal and rejuvenate themselves, often using the healing power of crystals and the peace found in nature.


I live in the metro Atlanta area and love to explore the world through food and beads. I also enjoy cooking, indoor and outdoor gardening, and writing. I am the mother of two amazing grown’ish adults, Nzali and Menra.