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Globally inspired beaded and crystal jewelry
created with your spirit in mind

Ifetayo Artwear is a line of custom beaded jewelry that incorporates healing crystals, stones, natural elements, and precious metals with patterns and textures of indigenous cultures globally. 


Each piece of Ifetayo Artwear makes a statement while complimenting the beauty of the wearer through bold color combinations, textures and shapes.

WaistBeads N Wine™:

A Virtual LIVE Experience

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WaistBeads n Wine™ is a signature experience, hosted by Vena Crichlow of Ifetayo Artwear. Enter our virtual, live environment and take part in an afternoon filled with creativity, conversation and a deeper level of connection with self.

Begin the soul-stirring work of intention-setting as you start to UNPACK what has been hindering you from manifesting your dreams and desires. CREATE a waistbead using crystals that align with your intentions. Engage in an afternoon of self-care and RENEW your commitment to yourself.

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