Ifetayo Artwear is thrilled and extremely grateful to be a recipient of the 2021 Opportunity Fund Grant program. These funds will gift 60 Black women waistbead kits and a $50 e-gift certificate for their participation in a project entitled, “Healing Through Beading Circles”. This project consists of four beading circles held virtually, each consisting of 15 women. As we make our waistbeads, we will engage in a discussion around black womanhood and self-care. Space is limited to 15 women in each session and you can register here.

I am really excited about this offering! In a small group setting, you will be able to connect with other women and engage with like-minded souls in a guided and intimate discussion around self-care, maintaining our health and words of wisdom that we might offer to our younger selves. As we bead, we will talk about how we take care of ourselves (think WaistBeads n Wine sans the wine!). There will be four beading circles and each one will be held virtually. 

Each participant who registers for this offering will receive a waistbead kit free of charge as well as a $50 Amazon e-gift certificate after attending and completing a short survey about the event


This project is supported through the generosity of The Opportunity Fund (OF). OF is a private foundation based in Pittsburgh, PA that awards grants to small to midsize arts organizations, and organizations and initiatives that advance social and economic justice.