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The Transformative Power of Letting Go: A Grown Ass Mama's Journey

Vena Relaxing on a Catamarran

I am a natural-born planner, curating women's retreats , cultivating my garden season by season, and envisioning my retirement years. However, amidst my meticulous planning, I recently stumbled upon an unexpected revelation — planning, rather ironically, induced anxiety within me.

As I navigate the path of mindful maturation, I've come to understand that a rigid plan often hinders my ability to relish the present moment.

Last Mother's Day weekend, I orchestrated a women's retreat, The Grown Ass Mama Tour, in Tulum, Mexico. One of the planned experiences involved a catamaran cruise on the Caribbean Sea. Despite my carefully crafted itinerary, spontaneity took the lead. The boat docked, and some of the women, disregarding any preconceived plans, joyously leaped into the ocean. Faced with unexpected temptation, I hesitated, grappling with the anxiety that water had long instilled in me. It took the gentle encouragement of a fellow grown ass mama to coax me into taking that monumental step off the boat.

To my surprise, I didn't drown, defying the echoes of a childhood near-drowning incident at the age of twelve. That singular step rewrote my narrative, marking a profound moment of courage, bravery, and boldness. As my body embraced the water, it felt as if chains within my soul were being released. My fear of water was conquered, leaving me empowered in a way that words struggled to capture. The ocean became a magical space where I let go of my inhibitions. In that transformative moment, I wondered, what else is possible? How does it get any better than this?

Santorini, Greece

Fast forward to next July, where The Grown Ass Mama Tour sets sail for Greece. We'll explore the charming village of Oia in Santorini, indulge in a wine tasting at a local vineyard, cruise the Mediterranean Sea, unwind on the beaches of Mykonos, and wander through the ancient ruins of Athens. This women's retreat promises to be a release, a relaxation, and a replenishment of the soul — an experience beyond compare.

With only two spaces left, I encourage you to register today and join a community of women whose lives have been forever changed by these transformative experiences. Here's what some of them had to say:

"What made this trip beyond exceptional was the beautiful women in attendance. I felt the love from the wonderful spirits of each woman I met. During this trip, there were healing tears, laughter, and the building of bonds that I am sure will last a lifetime. There was the perfect mixture of activities, free time, and flexibility."

"I am so thankful that you have ALWAYS held spaces for me to just BE… without any judgment. Thank you for showing me another beautiful & divine way to love on me & enjoy this thing called Life! Thank you again, for showing me how the sweetest things in life are attainable by making dreams come true." 💋💜

I look forward to seeing your beautiful face in Greece or on one of our upcoming luxury wellness experiences!!!!

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