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The Solo Dolo Traveler Version:

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I have traveled by myself many places throughout my life. All of my trips have been fulfilling. I enjoy exploring the world. People are sometimes shocked, amazed, bewildered, sad, and some other of their emotions about me traveling by myself. I wish they would leave their feelings with themselves and not project it on to me. I am good, really.

Traveling and exploring are definitely one of my happy places. Before each trip, I come up with a list of sites I want to visit, restaurants to try out and neighborhoods to explore. I have a rough list by the time I leave, but it usually changes when I I receive recommendations on sites to see and places to eat, my loose list shifts.

When my children were younger and we went on vacation, I would give each of them a budget. Menra usually chose the activities we did and Nzali chose the restaurant for dinner. It taught them the foundation of budgeting...something they can go back to when they decide that they need to. Vacation is the only time I don't follow a budget. I prepare between trips so I won't feel stressed by not being able to do anything and everything I want while I am on vacation. To me, vacationing means leaving all cares at home.

Whenever I come back from one trip, I am planning the next. I am clear that if you wait for the money, the right time, the whatever, you may never get there. My job is not to figure out the how...I do know my why, though. I am also clear that when you walk in your truth, God and your ancestors got you. On the way to Europe a couple of years ago, I met a sista as we were in line to board, another solo traveler, on her way to Barcelona. We exchanged information and met up a few times for sangria and tapas. We exchanged travel notes and hugs before we parted ways. I am thankful we crossed paths.



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