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The Ifetayo Artwear Version:

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to write a rumination on one of the things that brings me the most joy - creating jewelry through Ifetayo Artwear. "Ifetayo" is a word from the Yoruba culture that means love brings happiness. I am not sure why I haven't written about this until now, but I am faithful that by the end of this writing/rumination about it, I will have worked it out. #writingheals #ifetayoartwear

I am intentional about each piece I create – I consciously create the space to do it, which is one of the reasons I decided long ago not to develop my jewelry business in a larger platform. I want to create as a choice, not as a necessity. To me, the healing and loving space I am in when I am making jewelry is lost when I HAVE to make it to pay a bill or for some other perceived need. How I have chosen to run my business is my exercise in true abundance. #abundance

I am most often alone when I am making jewelry, listening to music or more recently, inspirational books or messages on YouTube or Audible. I am in deep rotation with Abraham Hicks and Marianne Williamson these days. #acim #inthevortex

In this space of creating, I am able to see and hear clearly. Although I need my glasses to create each piece of Ifetayo Artwear, I can clearly see how the crystals/gemstones should be assembled to heal. I can feel the energy of them and connect the energy in a way that goes beyond their physical attraction. #manifestation #healthyself

Making jewelry is a type of meditation for me. In all honesty, at times it is a mindless activity for me where my hands move and select stones and how they are put together, but I am not actively thinking about it…and each piece is unique. It is kind of like the choreography that one of my African dance teachers used to do at the beginning of class or now, like a sequence of asanas in a yoga class…you know what’s coming next and you execute it…not out of habit, but out of comfortable familiarity. #myworkshop #peaceful #youssouf #activemeditation

For many years, I wanted to find 30 minutes a day to make jewelry. I thought that if I could do that, I would be able to keep my inventory where it needed to be so that when a show came up, I was not scrambling to find time to increase inventory. I know now that daily practice and consistency are the keys to success. In my maturity, I have learned to relax into knowing that when things happen, it is the perfect time. Now is the perfect time for the 30 minutes each day, which often turns into hours. #intention #consistency

Last night was the new moon. I spent the weekend cleaning out and organizing my home and being still making jewelry. Life is heaven right about now. I hope you find your joy, that which you love, and do it as much and as often as you can. It is in those spaces that all that you want and desire manifests – when you focus on the good, not on the lack. I thank you and I love you. #ruminations#ifetayoartwear#joyous#belove

Brown tiger's eye offers the wearer protection, mental clarity and good luck. Druzy quartz radiates soothing energy.


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