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Ruminations that Lead to Illumination: Garden Gifting

  1. As a gardener, one of the greatest gifts I have ever  received from someone is the gift of a plant. The gift of a plant represents eternal abundance; it is the gift that keeps on giving. 

  2. The plant pictured above is known as comfrey (also known as knit bone). It was gifted to me by Baba Will, a powerful brother, who shared a cutting from one of his plants at the height of the pandemic. I had no idea that this plant would play a significant role in my garden. I have gifted a cutting from this plant many times to many people.I didn't know a lot about it and definitely didn't know when I received it that this plant would be beneficial in so many ways to me.

  3. Comfrey is a powerful medicinal herb that can be used to treat wounds, bruises and other ailments such as arthritis.

  4. I have used the leaves as a topical treatment for my eczema, cuts and burns and to reduce pain in my knee. The leaves are a little hairy and contain tannins. The textureof the leaves kind of reminds me of the texture of our skin.

  5. Comfrey nourishes the hair, may stimulate hair growth and can be used as a cleansing rinse. When I had locs, I used to make a spray with nettle, rosemary and comfrey as an astringent for my scalp.

  6. Comfrey is also a beneficial plant in the garden. Its leaves add nutrients to compost. The leaves can also be used as mulch for plants. They  contain lots of nitrogen, so applying leaves around the base of a fruit or other tree may help with leaf growth.  

  7. I also make comfrey tea by adding fresh leaves to rainwater in a five gallon bucket and lett it steep overnight. I then pour the comfrey tea to my watering can and use it to water my houseplants and plants in my garden. The nitrogen encourages leaf growth.

  8. The root is also very healing and has lots of nitrogen. It is hardy and can be planted in the earth to start a new plant. The plant can tolerate sun but grows best in partial shade.  It can also tolerate drought, red clay (that is the name of gardeners in the south) as well as well draining soil.

  9. Comfrey is one example of how Mama Earth offers us many ways to connect with nature. Using herbs to heal is a traditional practice and comfrey was considered sacred by our native brothers and sisters.

  10. Remember to continue to grow the garden of YOU!!! As you grow, so will the people and plants around you.

Have you ever used comfrey as a medicinal herb or in your garden? If you use it already, please share how you use it in the comments below. 


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