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The Crystal Clear Version

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Crystals enhance energy. They come from the Earth and therefore, are natural. They can be found everywhere...even in your backyard, sometimes! You don’t need a large piece to work with. The energy is present no matter the size. Healers from many cultures and traditions have used crystals for centuries in planting.

I use crystals in many ways in my gardening. For instance, if I have a houseplant that is not growing well, or has had some type of pest, I may bury a piece of black tourmaline in the soil. I also use green crystals such as green aventurine, moss agate, jade and tree agate in my garden. The healing energies of these crystals are enhance by the color green, which represents life.

Here are some crystals that can be used in your garden/houseplants.

(L to R)

Moonstone - promotes growth, especially when planting with lunar (moon) cycles.

Carnelian - adds spicy energy to peppers, tomatoes and mint.

Green aventurine - promotes lush, leafy growth.

Sodalite - Boosts root growth and stimulates endurance. Good to use when propagating in soil

Citrine - Energizes the soil and enhances abundance (fruit, veggies, leaves).

Brown Tiger’s Eye - Encourages growth of strong roots and promotes harmony.

Clear Quartz - stimulates growth of plants and promotes healing. May help to resist pests and disease, like blight.

Malachite - Green stones symbolize life giving/generating energy. Helps with fertility and abundance in a garden.

Amethyst - offers healing energy to plants that are stressed/not growing well.


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