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Grow Your Garden: Journal Edition Number 1 is a self-discovery journal that contains guiding questions and affirmations sprinkled throughout a roomy, 5.5" x 8.5", 145 page, lined book made from premium paper. The cover design reminds you that your life is colorful, filled with depth and that you shine as bright as the sun!


This journal begins with a short story, "Breaking Ground" where I reflect on my childhood and share why gardening has become one of my passions. The guiding questions and lined pages for reflection will prompt you to tap into the beautiful garden inside of you as you observe plants and flowers growing around you. Following each guiding question is an affirmation, or seed, that will inspire you to write and to cultivate your thoughts and your dreams, plan your week, express yourself creatively, and so much more. 


The spring presents us with the opportunity to reap bountiful harvests from the seeds and words that we plant. The guiding questions and the transformational affirmations in the spring edition of Grow Your Garden will encourage you to view life like a garden - filled with brilliant colors and the magnificence of nature as you notice witness life emerging from the earth after the stillness of the winter.


This edition is filled with garden-themed affirmations which will encourage you to reflect on the strength of the spring. As you write in this journal, you are planting seeds that will grow inside the garden of YOU as you are blossoming into a stronger and more brilliant version of yourself!

Grow Your Garden - Spring Journal

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